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EDGE Product Development – Vaping Device Collection

The EDGE mission is focussed solely on you. Our products are developed to meet the diverse needs of our customers and with each new release, we strive to innovate solutions to alleviate the most common issues experienced by vapers, while ensuring each product is held to exacting quality standards to preserve your total satisfaction. We invest our collective industry knowledge, experience and proactive insights into creating vaping devices that utilise the most successful elements of modern vaping in conjunction with exclusive patented technologies designed in response to specific pain points.

EDGE PRO device


As one of our first unique branded devices, EDGE Pro is the result of innovation designed to elevate the traditional all-in-one pen style vaping device, seen on the market for some years without any significant deviation in technology. We conducted a poll of EDGE customers, which revealed that an overwhelming 76% of respondents wanted a device that offered a faster coil change with less hassle.

With this inspiration, we began the creation of the EDGE Pro’s most unique feature – rapid release coil technology. Our patented design saw the tank modified to no longer require opening to access and change coils. Instead, Pro coils screw directly into the device from the top, where the mouthpiece would traditionally be located.

Doing so means the user can swap their coil in seconds with a simple twist and pull action, there is no need to open the devices tank or disassemble in any way. This comes with the added benefit of never having to come into contact with e-liquid residue, making the process mess and stress free. A simple solution in essence, but one EDGE is proud to have pioneered.

Due to the way they are inserted into the device, the mouthpiece was integrated into the Pro coils themselves. This means that each fresh coil comes with a fresh mouthpiece to match – overcoming a long-standing issue of hygiene. Vaping devices spend a lot of time in pockets, bags and generally in the environment, exposing them to a number of potential contaminants, exacerbated by the e-liquid residue which typically collects in the mouthpiece and around the tip. By integrating the mouthpiece into the Pro coil, we achieved rapid-release functionality alongside enhanced hygiene to offer a multi-functional vaping platform that is beneficial to users at any point on their vaping journey.

EDGE GO device


Consumer trends in vaping naturally dictate the products we as manufacturers produce and promote. Constant and rapid evolutions in technology and user preference have made the vaping market uniquely dynamic and diverse, with a staggering amount of choice available to those wishing to engage with vaping products. Despite this extreme choice, strong trends have persisted over the years, leading to a number of device platforms to rise and fall from success.

The most iconic vaping devices are arguably the large, box or pod-mod style examples with large volume tanks, custom bubble glass and extravagant aesthetic designs. While these devices were immensely popular during vaping’s infancy, in recent years they have become increasingly reserved for those with specific intent for their vaping journey and hobbyist consumers. In their place the market has given rise to the fastest-growing category within vaping – pod systems.

Compact, sleek and effortless by design, pod systems offer a typically cheaper and less involved way to approach vaping and experiment without over-complication. The “busy active modern lifestyle” is a stereotype for a reason, the majority of consumers are seeking a vaping solution that offers a tobacco-free alternative without needing to learn a significant amount of technical information to use and that can easily integrate into their daily routines as easily as cigarettes once did.

As of 2020, pod devices accounted for 44%* of all vaping devices sold, significantly more than any other type on the market. By 2021, we can see this trend has continued, with pod systems gaining a massive +68%** increase in unit sales since the previous year. This growth demonstrates clearly that the practicality of pod vaping is resonating with our customers.

In response to this we developed the EDGE GO, now in it’s second generation of development. Incorporating the best and most popular aspects of pod vaping – compact design, sleek finish, all-day-capable battery power and effortless pod swaps with a simple click-and-go magnetic mechanism. The second generation took this decidedly popular device and added an intuitive LED display to better inform the user during use and grant them enhanced control over their experience, and a premium rubber-oil finish, applied to the housing for a truly luxurious feel. Rather than alienate current users of our 1st generation GO device, we ensured the design still utilised the same pod format, meaning the same pods can function in either gen 1 or gen 2 alike for a truly versatile and practical vaping experience.


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