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The Rise of Bar Salts – Why You Need To Stock Them

EDGE Bar Salts

Bar Salt E-liquids are the most modern iteration of e-liquid on the market currently, and their appeal to consumers has grown massively over a very short space of time, with them now being the top-selling e-liquid variety in vape stores.

They have rapidly become a must-stock for any retailer looking to capture as much vape revenue as possible, especially in the face of Rishi Sunak’s potential ban on disposable vapes like Elf Bar, SKE Crystal, or Elux.

The concept of a bar salt e-liquid is simple – they are 10ml bottled examples of the type of e-liquid found in disposable vapes. They are loaded with double-concentrated flavours that tantalise and use smooth nic salts instead of freebase nicotine, which can deliver craving-busting results without any significant throat hit – even at the highest strength of 20mg (2%).

When paired with a refillable pod device, consumers can enjoy the flavour and nicotine hit they crave, but without the downsides of disposables: high long-term cost, excessive environmental waste, and questionable safety as shown in recent headlines.

Why Consumers Want Bar Salts

56% of disposable vapers want to reduce their nicotine strength, but single-use vapes rarely accommodate this, being available in only 20mg.

EDGE Bar Salts offer three strength options: 20mg (2%), 15mg (1.5%) and 10mg (1%). This gives consumers the freedom of choice they crave and allows them to reduce their intake – by stocking the full range you will ensure you are their go-to retailer throughout that journey.

Headlines have been dominated by negative news about disposable vapes since they first arrived on UK shelves, from youth vaping struggles to a potential environmental crisis, and more recently evidence that even SKUs sold by major multiples do not comply with TPD regulations. This has created the perfect storm of consumer confidence reaching unprecedented lows – these consumers are looking for an alternative, and bar salts are their best option.

EDGE Bar Salts are manufactured here in the UK, and are held to rigorous safety standards – meaning they are an option your customers can actually trust.

Consumers Are Changing Their Minds

For the first time since their rise to dominance, disposable vapes are in decline – losing 7% of their market share between June and September 2023. 13.6% of Adults use disposable vapes, vs only 12.9% of the population that smoke cigarettes – meaning the potential value of capturing these consumers as they seek an alternative is staggering.

Bar salts are 8x cheaper than disposables by e-liquid volume, and the UK public are waking up to this fact in the wake of cost-of-living challenges.

Traditional e-liquids are in decline, but bar salts are growing rapidly – 30% of all vape store sales made are now exclusively bar salts. Convenience retailers should capitalise now to capture a forecasted 10%-15% of all e-liquid sales by December 2023, or risk missing out due to dated ranges.

Get Ahead Of Rishi Sunak’s Legislation

Rishi Sunak has recently announced in response to the aforementioned challenges created by disposable vapes that a total ban on their sale may take effect by the end of the year. If this happens, 13.6% of all adults in England will be looking for an alternative, and bar salts will be their only satisfactory answer.

Encouraging your consumers to switch away from disposables now will help you get ahead of this potential change and safeguard your revenue. Bar salts offer like-for like flavours, the same smooth nicotine, and better economy – make sure your customers know where to look to get them if a ban takes effect.

33% of consumers say they would turn to vape liquids if this were to happen – make sure you stock the right range in response.

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