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The Truth About Disposables & EDGE Fruit Flavours

Fruit Collection

The disposable vaping boom has caused more than its fair share of waves amongst retailers of all kinds since hitting shelves in 2021. Their staggering rise to popularity has skewed sales data in a big way, and has created a growing impression that traditional vaping products such as 10ml bottles of e-liquid are in decline.

This has left retailers wondering if they should continue to stock these lines, or instead go all-in on disposable vaping products. Particularly, there has been a growing concern around EDGE fruit flavours, with some retailers assuming they have dipped in popularity in the wake of disposables. It has been confirmed in the latest government report on vaping that UK consumers prefer fruit flavours above all, making them an important part of this discussion.

The reality is that while disposables are certainly booming, EDGE 10ml fruit flavours, and indeed 10ml vaping products in general, are in growth and can still offer a boost to revenue for retailers. The last 8 weeks of value sales vs the previous have shown that EDGE 10ml e-liquids and EDGE Fruit flavours have both grown by +4%.

 The real issue is actually around distribution – read on below as we explain how you can avoid the pitfall of dropping 10ml lines and missing out on a segment of the market that generates strong, reliable sales.

Why Distribution Is Skewing the Big Picture

Retailers are getting a false impression that 10ml EDGE fruit e-liquid sales are falling in the wake of competition from disposable vaping products, but this is not true. 

The fact is that major distributer Booker have stopped carrying the full range of flavours and strengths available. This has in-turn left retailers unable to replenish stock which is creating widening gaps on shelves. Ultimately this is preventing consumers from finding the flavours and strengths they desire, instead turning to online retail such as the EDGE Vaping online store, or other retail locations where the wider range is available.

Our own sales data and market insights frame this issue, as the popularity of the EDGE brand is growing faster than any other player in the 10ml vaping market (+£81k in the latest 8 weeks to 3rd June 2023 vs previous), and still offers retailers a fantastic opportunity for revenue alongside, not in place of, disposable vapes.

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This success can only be achieved by those who are willing to come direct to source for their stock rather than relying on bulk distribution points that no longer carry the SKUs consumers want to invest in.

The Truth About 10ml E-Liquid Performance

How do we know Disposables haven’t got us on the back foot? When observing the latest 8 weeks of data up to June 2023, we can see that EDGE’s value share of the convenience market stands at 35%, vs the next leading brand’s 17%. That means EDGE can offer your store twice as much value as the competition.

This value is only set to increase, with EDGE showing +£81k in value growth over the 8 weeks between April and June 2023. The only other brand to show growth in the same period was industry giant Totally Wicked, with +£57k value growth – the next three leading brands all reported a loss of value sales. This further highlights the consumer desire for EDGE vaping products, despite concerns that disposable vapes have eroded the value of 10ml ranges.

In fact, despite competition from disposables, EDGE fruit flavours specifically have seen a +6% rate of sale increase per store, and EDGE SKUs represent eight out of the top ten best selling e-liquids in convenience, with EDGE fruits accounting for four of those eight.

As previously stated, the demand is plain to see. The issue is that consumers cannot find the flavours they want because of gaps on retailers’ shelves, fuelled by reduced availability in Booker.

How You Can maximise Your revenue

Just because Booker doesn’t carry the full range doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the incredible value EDGE products offer. If you are interested in building a truly successful vape range, diversity between disposables and 10ml e-liquids is paramount.

To achieve this, you can come direct to source and order from EDGE’s dedicated trade portal. We appreciate the convenience of stocking your store through one-stop-shop wholesalers, but with the knowledge that doing so is holding you back from success, would you be willing to pass up the opportunity to reap the rewards of a consumer-focussed range?

Alongside a healthy selection of reputable disposable products, carrying the right 10ml e-liquids will allow you to capitalise on the best of both retail opportunities.

Need some food for thought? Here are the top ranked EDGE fruit flavours based on market performance:

  1. Blackcurrant
  2. Blueberry
  3. Forest Fruits
  4. Strawberry & Lime
  5. Heizen
  6. Strawberry Milkshake

For those looking to mix it up beyond the consumer favourites above, these EDGE hidden gems carry the pedigree of excellent online performance and can help keep your range fresh:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Apple
  3. Strawberry & Watermelon
  4. Black Ice Menthol
  5. Cherry Ice Menthol

10ml Consumers Are Different to Disposable Consumers

All the evidence tells us that by keeping these lines in stock alongside disposables, your 10ml category will be in growth too – there are two distinct groups of consumers buying each product type – they are not mutually exclusive, and both offer independent value rather than cannibalising each other as some retailers are assuming.

To start making the most of your vape retail offering, head over to the EDGE Trade Portal.