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What are Bar Salts?

What are Bar Salts

You may have noticed that we’ve added a new range to the Edge Vaping collection recently: Edge Bar Salts.

This new range has been inspired by the popular flavours seen in Disposable Vapes, but in a much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly package.

With over 10 different flavours to choose from in 3 different nicotine strengths, this fantastic new range of vape juices really does offer something for almost everyone and it is a range that we are very proud to add to our already impressive catalogue of flavours.

What Are Edge Bar Salts?

Edge Bar Salts are our newest range of Nic Salts E Liquid created from drawing inspiration from the flavours seen in the most popular Disposable Vape brands such as Elf Bar, ELUX and SKE Crystal Bar.

We have created over 30 different flavours for you to choose from, and each bottle is absolutely full to the brim with rich and delicious flavours that will leave your taste buds craving for more after every vape!

We have three different nicotine strengths available in our Bar Salts Range:

  • 10mg – This is the lowest strength available and gives a subtle nicotine hit.
  • 15mg – This is the mid-range nicotine strength that we offer and is good for if you’re looking for a bit of a punchier nicotine hit.
  • 20mg – The highest nicotine strength that we offer in the Bar Salts range. This will give a smooth but very punchy nicotine hit and is only recommended for those with a higher tolerance for nicotine.

They are available in an exciting rang of flavours including:

  • Blue Raspberry lemonade
  • Pink lemonade
  • Mango Ice
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Kiwi, Passionfruit, Guava

…and many more!

We have observed the rising popularity of Disposable Vapes over the last few years and as studies have showed, the flavour of these Disposable Vapes are the primary thing that keeps people going back to using them.

The disadvantages associated with Disposable Vapes heavily outweigh the advantages however, with them not being a cost-effective way to regularly vape and the environmental risk that comes with sending so many to landfill.

We wanted to give people the opportunity to still get the rich and delicious flavours seen in Disposable Vapes, but in a much more cost effective and also environmentally friendly way which is exactly what our Bar Salts range can offer.

Are Bar Salts Cheaper Than Disposable Vapes?

At EDGE Vaping, we believe in making vaping as affordable to everyone as possible, which is why our prices remain as low as possible, to give you premium quality e liquid at an affordable cost.

In our Bar Salts range, we use our own high-grade Nicotine Salt formula in every bottle as well as using premium, double concentrated flavours.

At just £3.50 per 10ml bottle, you’ll be able to experience our take on the delicious flavours of Disposables for less than the cost of a single Disposable Vape.

The average price of a Disposable Vape is around £5 per device. And for that £5, you only get 2ml of vape juice contained within the device. This is because 2ml is the maximum legal amount that can be contained with any vape tank/device under TPD Regulations.

If you’re a “heavy” vaper and use a device consistently through the day for your nicotine fix, then chances are 2ml is not going to be lasting you very long and you’ll be spending £5, if not more a day on Disposables.

Whereas buying Edge Bar Salts for £3.50 a bottle, you get 10ml of premium quality nic salt e liquid which is 5x the amount in a Disposable, and should last you at least 2-3 days depending on your usage.

To break it down, you could be spending £35 a week on Disposables (£5 x 7 days in a week) or £7 a week on 2x 10ml bottles of Edge Bar Salts...we know which option we prefer!

Premium Quality UK Made E Liquid That Adheres To Regulations

The Tobacco Products Directive was introduced to the UK in 2016 by the Government and introduced a set of regulations and compliance checks to applied to the sale and manufacture of E-Liquids and other vaping related products also.

Part of these regulations featured the banning of certain ingredients from being included in vape juice recipes such as sweeteners, colourings and other additives which could pose a risk to health via inhalation of them.

If vape juices produced in the UK were to contain these banned ingredients, they would not pass regulatory checks and wouldn’t be permitted to be sold on the consumer market.

All of the vape juices we produce here at EDGE Vaping are fully compliant with all regulations and we take safety and compliance very seriously.

If you didn’t already know, nearly all major brands of Disposable Vapes such as Elf Bar, Lost Mary. Crystal Bar and so on are manufactured and exported from China. This means that the vape juice used in Disposables is also manufactured in China.

China do not have any sort of regulations in place like what we do here in the UK under TPD when it comes to vape juice production.

Therefore, it’s unknown what kind of quality the vape juice in Disposables is as well as what additives are being included which is an increasingly public concern.

Rest assured that if you buy from us here at EDGE Vaping, you’re getting 100% UK made e-liquid made using only the highest quality raw materials.

Everything we produce is made in our state-of-the-art facility based in the north of England, in ISO-Certified clean labs and adheres to all regulations set out by TPD - fully compliant to be sold to you, our valued customers.