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Your Next Must-Stock: EDGE 3mg

While disposable vapes have seen the first notable decrease in performance since their rise to dominance, 10ml bottled E-liquids have been in a strong and stable position over the last 10 months – with value sales at +1% in the latest 12 weeks vs the previous in all of Traditional Retail.

Savvy retailers would do well to take note of the trends within the 10ml category, to ensure they are stocking the products their customers are looking for. Nic salt e-liquids are a wise choice, but there are rising stars in the freebase nicotine category that you’ll want to get ahead of now to make the most of a potentially lucrative trend!

3mg 10ml freebase is in growth

Your customers are looking for 3mg e-liquid – are you providing it?

Recently, 3mg 10ml has been growing, and is the fastest growing strength among freebase e-liquids at +8% in the latest 12 weeks vs the previous. This reflects the traditional vaping journey whereby once a vaper has found their preferred nicotine strength and has quit smoking, they begin to reduce that nicotine level until they achieve a desired goal.

We recently asked Vypr, a consumer survey app, about this, which confirmed that 69% of vaping consumers are on a cessation journey (n = 1520, May 2023). Making sure you are catering to the different stages of such a journey will be help drive your sales and encourage repeat business. 3mg may typically be the lowest e-liquid nicotine strength in any channel, but it is growing and offers a new angle for driving profit.

Whilst 3mg currently only has 5% share of e-liquid unit sales in the last 12 weeks in Traditional Retail, its growth shows that consumers are moving down the nicotine strengths. ​3mg can have as much as 39% share of unit sales in other channels, as they can provide a wider choice of flavour at 3mg – you could capitalise on this potential by broadening your own 3mg offering.

3mg biggest seller

Heard enough? Get the UK’s top selling 3mg SKUs here.

Don’t miss out on sales – stock the right 3mg e-liquids now

EDGE E-liquids are the biggest seller of 3mg e-liquid in convenience retail, as well as the fastest growing e-liquid brand. Our products are driving 3mg growth because consumers are choosing our brand over the competition.

The number one 3mg SKU in convenience for example is EDGE Very Menthol, selling 4x more than any other 3mg SKU, and commanding a 21% unit share of the 3mg category in convenience.

Don’t rely on Wholesale – Buy direct from EDGE and stock all the products your customers want

To make the most of this growing trend, you need to be able to carry a full range of top selling SKUs, and wholesalers might not carry what you need. By coming direct to our EDGE portal you can shop the full range, and plug any gaps that could be holding back your vape sales.

What EDGE Products Should I Stock?

  • Start with the must-stock EDGE Very Menthol 3mg.
  • Build-out this range with additional key SKUs like Blackcurrant 3mg and Forest Fruits 3mg.
  • Remember the customer journey and expand your range around it by considering 6mg SKUs in the same or similar best-selling flavours.
  • Take advantage of unique flavours, only available in 3mg and 6mg like Strawberry, Strawberry & watermelon, and Apple.

Don’t miss out on our full range of top-sellers – explore the range now.


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