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The EDGE Bar Salt e-liquid collection is designed to be theperfect alternative to disposable vape bars like SKE Crystal, Elf Bar, Geek bar, or Elux. They deliver a bold flavour hit thanks to double concentrated flavourings and deeply satisfying nicotine doses without the throat hit thanks to our smooth nic salt formula.

Our range replicates the most popular modern vape flavour profiles, and with over 10 to choose from you are sure to find a favourite. At only £1.30 per bottle, our bar salts are cheaper than the competition, but don’t skimp on quality – all our e-liquids are blended with the safety and satisfaction of your customers in mind.

These increasingly popular bar juice blends come in 3 tapered nicotine strengths: 10mg (1.0%), 15mg (1.5%) (exclusively to our business customers), and 20mg (2.0%).

Why Consumers Want Bar Salts

56% of disposable vapers want to reduce their nicotine strength, but single-use vapes rarely accommodate this, being available in only 20mg.

EDGE Bar Salts offer three strength options: 20mg (2%), 15mg (1.5%) and 10mg (1%). This gives consumers the freedom of choice they crave and allows them to reduce their intake – by stocking the full range you will ensure you are their go-to retailer throughout that journey.

Headlines have been dominated by negative news about disposable vapes since they first arrived on UK shelves, from youth vaping struggles to a potential environmental crisis, and more recently evidence that even SKUs sold by major multiples do not comply with TPD regulations. This has created the perfect storm of consumer confidence reaching unprecedented lows – these consumers are looking for an alternative, and bar salts are their best option.

EDGE Bar Salts are manufactured here in the UK, and are held to rigorous safety standards – meaning they are an option your customers can actually trust.

Consumers Are Changing Their Mind, Get Ahead!

In response to the aforementioned challenges created by disposable vapes, the Prime Minister announced plans for a total ban on their sale may take effect by the end of the year (2023).

If this happens, encouraging your consumers to switch away from disposables now will help you get ahead of this potential change and safeguard your revenue.

33% of consumers say they would turn to vape liquids if this were to happen – make sure you stock the right range in response.

Bar salts are 8x cheaper than disposables by e-liquid volume, and the UK public are waking up to this fact in the wake of cost-of-living challenges.

Plus, for the first time since their rise to dominance, disposable vapes are in decline – losing 7% of their market share between June and September 2023. 13.6% of Adults use disposable vapes, vs only 12.9% of the population that smoke cigarettes – meaning the potential value of capturing these consumers as they seek an alternative is staggering.

With bar salts are growing rapidly – 30% of all vape store sales made are now exclusively bar salts. Convenience retailers should capitalise now to capture a forecasted 10%-15% of all e-liquid sales by December 2023, or risk missing out due to dated ranges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bar Salts?

Bar salts are nic salt e-liquids blended to replicate the experience offered by disposable vapes. They use premium double concentrated flavourings matching the best-selling profiles of all leading disposable vape bars, paired with smooth nicotine salicylate (our chosen nic salt formula) to deliver high strength satisfaction without the throat hit.

Why are bar salts more expensive?

Bar salts utilise double concentrated flavourings carefully developed to taste more premium while being at the peak of modern safety standards. Our nic salt formula has been rigorously tested to ensure it delivers a consistently high quality, smooth vaping experience at all strengths without impacting the flavours you love – all this quality and satisfaction comes for just £3.50, less than most other leading nic salt brands.

What is the difference between a bar salt and a nic salt?

Nic salt e-liquids utilise traditional style flavours like those found in our other ranges. They are delicious, but less bold than modern bar salt flavours which are double concentrated to give vapers a more intense flavour hit.

Both bar and nic salt vape juices contain nicotine salts, which have a neutral taste – this is why they can be vaped at higher strengths without delivering the kind of throat hit a high strength freebase e-liquid would typically have. Bar salts are a modern e-liquid style designed to be a great alternative to disposable vapes, whereas traditional nic salts are an older product type with less intense flavour.

Do bar salts contain more nicotine?

Bar salts only are available in 10mg, 15mg, and 20mg nicotine strengths. Our core range of freebase 50-50 juices only go as high as 18mg – meaning the 20mg bar salt option contains more nicotine than our freebase options. The 5mg and 10mg variants however do not. Nic salts absorb faster than freebase however so take note as users may feel a hit sooner than they expect if trying them for the first time.

It can feel as though bar salts contain more nicotine because of the higher impact nicotine salt has on thebody – it absorbs faster and satisfies cravings for longer but does not actually contain any more nicotine than other liquids.

What’s the difference between a bar salt and a disposable vape?

Bar salts taste just like the juice in your favourite disposable vape, but they are in a free-pour 10ml bottle. This means unlike disposable vapes which cost circa £6 and contain only 2ml of e-liquid, vapers can now get 10ml of nic salt vape juice for only £3.50 – plus users can put them in a device of their choosing! This means they aren’t adding to the environmental problems surrounding disposables.

What nicotine strengths are bar salts available in?

Our bar salts range is available in 10mg, 15mg, and 20mg nic salt strengths to give more choice when managing cravings or nicotine intake. If some flavours aren't available in all three strengths yet, check back soon – we are working on getting all flavours available in all strengths as soon as possible.

How is the flavour so similar to disposable vapes?

We achieve this by using specially formulated double concentrate flavourings. These offer the same impactful hit disposable vape users enjoy but are held to proper safety standards unlike true disposable vapes which have been revealed to be less carefully regulated. If your customers want the taste and satisfaction of bar salts but with a safety guarantee they can trust, check out our range.

Are they suitable for vegetarians / vegans?

Just like all our other e-liquids, the bar salts range is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans – we do not use any animal products in our products.

Can they be used in all vape kits?

Bar salts are best used in devices optimised for 50-50 MTL or RDL style vaping. Refillable pod devices are the best partner as they offer the portability and convenience of a disposable vape in a more economical and ecological package. The Vaporesso Xros 3, VooPoo Argus P1, or Aspire Flexus Q are great options!